Something Else To Ignore, Planner Pages and Organization

In my quest to be better organized occasionally I’ll print out planner pages for a few days. I do think they help me stay organized for a few days, but then they turn into another source of guilt about all the things I’m not getting done.

I think the folks who swear by these things and say they always stick to them either live extremely boring lives or are completely full of shit. The things that always gets me off course are the unexpected, the inevitable things that happen in life, an appliance breaks, someone becomes ill, I become ill, you know those things you just can’t plan for. You can’t tell me these things don’t happen to everyone, they do.

Anyway, here’s my planner for today…

planner scan

All of this isn’t going to happen, it’s basically a wish list. Between basic hygiene and feeding myself, in addition to the things on the list, things will go south.

Where I Started

I started in a place that I never thought I’d end up today, not that I knew it ever existed. It’s a good place, but I’m still getting used to it.




I went to see my husband yesterday, I’m still getting used to having a husband. I had been without one for a while. This time feels different, more comfortable, more confident, better.

Anyway, I ended up here today.


It’s familiar, safe, and where I end up most evenings in the warmer months.