Close To My Heart Collage Cubes St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway

   My cat, Coco, found this set of CTMH Collage Cubes and is willing to part with them, for a price.  As you know, cats care nothing about money, all their needs are met but their minions er, loving human companions, but they do like to be entertained. Coco is going to pick the winner.

Cats do have an excellent understanding of economics, if not monetary policy, and Coco knows that these things are as scarce as a virgin at a Shriner’s convention, so he wants to know why you want them. He wants you to leave a comment detailing why you desire 9 boxes in another box, because he doesn’t get it at all. Keep in mind cats can be a bit hard hearted, Coco doesn’t care about your grand children, a desire to share your memories with those you love, or really anything but kibble and napping, so feel free to let your greed and want, and envy show. Cats get that.

On Monday, Coco will pick the winner by randomly walking over a print out of my contents section, the first comment he puts his paw on gets the Collage Cubes. There will be pictures.

So, tell Coco why you want the CTMH Collage Cubes, and good luck.










Your feline overlord awaits………


  1. Oh I want it. Please.

    Good kitty.

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